Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart

So me and hubby loaded up the van, and drove

to Sweetwater TN to see the eclipse.
It was awesome! We had totality a little over 2 minutes. 
Everyone cheered when the sun was covered. So cool!

Photo doesn't do it justice. There was red aura around the moon, and

it was changing colors. Wish that could have been captured on the photo. 
These were taken with Skip's camera. 
Click on the photos to enlarge. I made a viewfinder that

NASA recommended. Since it was made with cardstock, and 

everyone knows I have plenty of that around! We were sitting on the side

of Walmart along with a ton of other people and there were shopping carts next

to the van. Anyway I put one 12x12 piece of white cardstock on top of the cart. The

other piece of cardstock had a square hole that I cut and was covered with tin

foil and a pin hole in the center of it. Perfect way to view the eclipse safely.
Skip hanging out on the camp chairs waiting for the big event. 

I also made a pinhole camera with a Cheerios box. He

brought along his arc welding glasses so we could look at the event, but

the old school science girl in me wanted to use the pinhole camera. 

Places along the way were offering parking for 20 dollars. I can't beleive

anyone would pay to park when there were plenty of places to park for free. 

As I said there were tons of people in the Walmart parking lot. 

Several people had telescopes. 

Of course traffic was horrendous when we left. 

People were there from all over the states. 

See the speed limit sign? I took it cause in TN there are these vines

that creep up and cover everything. 

But also because of our speed at the time. LOL

It took us almost 3 hours to drive 26 miles on the freeway. 

I would do it again. So worth it to see such a special event. 

I'll be back with more photos of the trip tomorrow. 

Oh after the event on the radio they were playing Total Eclipse of the Heart by

Bonnie Tyler. They also played Bad Moon Rising by CCR. 

Celestial trails

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Yellow Watermelon?

So have you ever had a yellow watermelon? 

I wasn't aware they even had them till me and 

hubby stopped by Heritage Farm last week. 

Located right here in Brunswick Heritage Farm

has many farmers come to sell there crops. 

We went there to find a seeded watermelon as 

hubby has it in his head that the seedless melons are

not as sweet as the ones that do have seeds. I

don't taste the difference. 

It must be to early for locals to have ripe melons, but

we did find a girl selling yellow ones. 

Here is an inside view of the melon. Didn't even taste like

watermelon to me. It wasn't bad just different. Don't think I'll be 

getting another one. 

Stamping trails

Monday, August 21, 2017

Mailable Monday #207

My friend Kathy sent me this card last week, 

and I really like it. 

She told me that the lines going around the border were

not done using a ruler. Kat used a piece of 

acetate (or window sheet) cut to the size of the 

layer she wanted. After the stamping is finished lay

the cut window sheet over the images and use

a marker to go around it. Word of caution make sure

you stop when you come to an image. Don't draw through them. 

Speaking from experience here. First time I did it that was exactly

what I did. LOL

Once I got started making these I couldn't stop see for yourself. 
 Fall card.


and a fun sewing theme one. 

Let me know if you try this out, and how you liked it. 

Stamping trails

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bliss is a Dog called Ozzy

I'm still making things with a dogs days of Summer theme. 

This is a photo of Ozzy. He belongs to my friends. 

Found this photo in with some other ones in a box in my craft room. 

At one time I must have thought it would make a cute card. 

And I still do. Just the look on his face says pure bliss! 

Here is an inside view. 

Of course I had to put more doggie footprints on the back of the card. 

So photos do make cute cards. Just make sure you use a copy, and 

not the original unless you are like me, and doubles of everything. 

Stopped by the dollar store the other day. They had

candy corn M & M's on the counter. I have one word to say

YUCK!!!! Don't know who would like these things. 

Normally I love all the designer M's flavors, but I can't get on 

board with this one. 

Stamping trails

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bring on the Rays

Love how this card turned out! 

I'm still in summer mode as its very hot, and sunny here. 

The background was made using Tim Holtz layering stencil. This

one is called Ray. 
The ends of the rays were sponged with Crushed Curry ink. As
The rays got closer to the sun I sponged with Cajun Craze ink. 
The single flower stamp is an old one from Stampendous!. Name of the stamp is

Agapanthus Cluster.

You can still get this stamp at local craft stores. I've seen them still being sold.

Must still be popular.

Not much else going on in our little Suburb. We

are still working with the garden. This time of the year is busy!

The tomatoes are ripe so I have to put them up for winter.

Still have green beans I put up another three quarts yesterday.

I will be glad when the garden is finished so I can take a rest, and

have more time to stamp!

Stamping trails

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dog Days of Summer Crazy Dog Style

Since they call this time of the year the dogs days

of summer....I couldn't resist making some cards 

using Tim Holtz Crazy dogs. These are the mini dogs. There

is a large set of dogs, but I didn't buy those....yet. 

The mini dogs have three dogs along with some greetings, and 

doggie toys. 

Here is a closer look at the dogs. I used lovely as

a tree in the background. The mounds of dirt/grass were

hand drawn. I tried to capture how our grass looks now. Not much

green going on. We got some browns, yellows, and a little bit of green. 

We really need some rain. I wonder if I should go out on the lawn and

do a rain dance. Nope strike that....its too hot!!!!!

This is my favorite dog from the set. So cute! 

I used a layering stencil to make the dots in the background. 

Very happy that this set comes with matching dies. Why

doesn't all stamp sets come with them? Maybe someday! 

Stamping trails

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vintage Beautiful Lady Card

Beautiful vintage lady card. 

The stamps are from Hero Arts, and came with matching dies. 

Lady stamped on Smoky Slate cardstock using Basic Gray ink. 

The only color I added to her is on the cheeks, and lips. 

Thanks to my crafty buddy Kathleen for sending me the little

cameos. The cream vintage lace was added around her collar then

the cameo was attached. She was also popped up over the 

the cream layer of embossed cardstock. 

Here is a side view. I added some stamping to the inside as well. 

The embossed layer is also popped over the base card. 

Love the vintage doily edged washi tape. 

and here is the inside view. The set came

with the large upper body image, and the smaller

full body image. Gotta love stamps with matching dies. 

Makes crafting so much easier. I mean I like fussy cutting as

well as the next crafter, but matching dies are my friends!

Got a call last night around 6  from my son. He goes how ya doing.

I told him I was fine. He goes I'm in the hospital. On his way home from

work a female driver made a left turn out in front on him.

Both of them are okay, but John banged up his wrist pretty good, and

got a cut on his head from the air bag going off, but nothing broken.

The car is totaled. I told him we can replace a car can't replace him. I was

going to dye my hair a few days ago. I'm glad I didn't now cause after yesterday I'm

sure it would have gone gray again. Scary to get a call saying your child is at the hospital.

So we will be busy trying to find him another car.


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