Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Little Envelopes

Look at what I got in the mail....7 little envelopes. I have instructions to only open one per day. These are from my friend Marianne. We are helping to encourage each other in our weight loss journey. Since our weigh in day is Saturday I'm going to open the first on on that day. We are just wrapping up week 3 and will be starting week four. Things are going well for both of us. Hang in there girlfriend!!!!! Big thanks for the great surprise!

Hubby and I had adventures in cat bathing yesterday. Sorry no pictures as it was impossible to take a pic and hold on to the cat at the same time. Burbank does not do water. Because he is an indoor outdoor cat and he has white fur he tends to get himself dirty. Other than that fun chore I did other Spring cleaning. I started pulling winter clothes out of the drawers and putting in summer stuff. Now just will snow next week. LOL

Stamping trails

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