Sunday, March 11, 2012

OODLES of Noodles Get Well

I got the idea for this card the other day when I was having soup for lunch. I've always loved the Campbell's label (and soup). So comforting, and the fond childhood memories that come back. I think the first time I can remember seeing a Campbell's soup commercial was while watching Lassie. Now I am really dating myself here, but hey I'm a child of the 60's and can't run away from that.

I used part of the label for the focal point, and what is chicken soup without a chicken? Chicken stamp from retired SU set Best of Cluck. "Get Well" word from Perfectly Penned. Punches used 2 1/2 circle and large scallop punch.

And keeping with my New Year Resolution I carried the theme to the inside card and used part of the label there as well. I like that I caught the "M'm! M'm! Good!" at the top of the label.

I for one would love to receive this card if I was sick. I know it would perk me up!

Stamping trails, and Greensleeves to all (theme from Lassie)


Marianne said...

That is so cool! I might have to borrow it!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am so feeling your age too! I am there! Lassie was my favorite...We used to ask my Mother if we could watch 'the cry-baby' dog show! (You know Lassie whined alot!) I too am in love with Campbell's a days it is Tomato or Chicken and Rice. Happy Trails to you (oh another oldie!) and if I were sick this also would be the perfect card...for us baby-boomers!
Cheryl McAskill

Krafting Karen said...

Borrow away Marianne......Cheryl you are the first to comment about my signature line Stamping Trails....I love Roy Rogers, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind that I borrowed Happy Trials.