Friday, November 2, 2012

New/Old Vintage Singer Machine

Sorry it took so long for me to post pictures of my "new" to me Singer machine and sewing cabinet. I've been racking my brain and talking to hubby about how to replace the trim on the cabinet front. I think it had the same trim running all the way across as it does on the door and drawers. So far we have not come up with an answer for the missing trim. If anyone out there has an idea please let me know. Hubby also has to make a hole in the back of the cabinet for the cord. You can see it running across the bottom left. Need to tidy that up. Look at the little gold treadle on the bottom right.

Here is a shot the cabinet top open with the machine raised.

top left drawer open. Love that it has a little metal rack to put spools of thread on.

Front door open to reveal two more drawers. 

The Singer is from 1963, model # 604. Came with the attachments in a now "vintage" box.

Its running pretty well after Skip oiled it for me, and he also bought a new light for it as the one in the machine burned out. It is a slant stitch, and only does straight stitching, but I just love it!

Making banana bread this morning. I have some ripe ones calling me. Going to use un-sweetened applesauce in place of the oil. Also going to mix some white and wheat flour in the batter. Can't you just smell it now?

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freetosewandcraft1 said...

I have that same cabinet. Did you ever figure out about the trim? If not the trim does go all the way across. If you would like I can send a picture of mine. I have a 1949 201-2 inside my cabinet. It also has the matching chair.