Monday, June 26, 2017

Mailable Monday # 199

Not sure I like this card, but I was to tired yesterday 

to scrap it and make a different one, so I'm going with it. 

Base card is Soft Sky, stamp set Jar of Love both by SU. 

Got up to early yesterday which made my day very long. My

left knee has been bothering me. I've been riding the bike and walking

more, and I think its just stressing out the knee. Going to give it a rest today. 

Sarah took her dad to the tank show on Saturday. They had a fun day 


I have a lot of photos that Skip took, but I'm only going to post a few of them. 

I decided not to go with them. They needed some daddy daughter time. 

Plus I got the house to myself which I needed! Got some much needed cleaning, organizing done. 

Went to Michael's yesterday I'll be back tomorrow and post some of the stuff I got. 

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sewing Themed Flip Bag, and Pocket Letter

My crafting buddy Kathleen received her swap from me yesterday, 

so I wanted to post some of the things I made for her. 

Here is the flip bag. I had to laugh as we both used the same

pack of designer paper for our bag. You know what they say about

great minds! 

and here is the sewing themed pocket letter. 

I love how this one turned out. 

I used Tim Holtz sewing room, and bird cage die cuts to make

the dressmaker dummy and skirt. 

I really like how the center pocket turned out. I added

a flip to the top of the pocket. 

when you lift the pocket there is a cameo paper clip. 

Here is a photo of just the altered paper clip. 

This is what was under the clip. 

another alter clip. 

Kathleen enjoyed her swap. There were a few more projects. I forgot to 

take a photo of the sewing notebook I made. 

Had fun with this swap. Looking forward to the next one. 

Skip and Sarah went to the tank show yesterday, so I had the house to myself. 

Got some cleaning, crafting done, and also worked out on the recumbent bike. 

I have to make a Michael's run today. There hot buys paper packs are on sale

for 5.99 and there are a few I want to get. I know, I I need more paper, but

I DO!!!!!!! Honest! 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Sewing Theme Swap

I received the coolest package yesterday from 

 my crafty friend Kathleen. We did a sewing theme swap. 

of course we always do a bit more than the swap requirements. 

Isn't this a pretty little thing? She decorated a mirror that

she got at the dollar store. 

Here is the flip side. 

She changed the plastic mason jar that I sent to her

for the 4th of July swap. We are going to see how many

miles we can put on it sending it back and forth! 

Here is how she wrapped the pocket letter. So creative with her packaging. 

Opened pocket letter. I'm so happy that

she used some of the things I have sent to her in previous swaps. 

Just love the letter! 

Here is a view of the back with the goodies. 

Sewing themed flip bag. Kathy told me the seam

binding in the front pocket belonged to her mom. How special! 

back view. She added a pocket to the back for more goodies. 

View of the bag's contents. Lots of great stuff to create with! 

Mini repair kit. Love the packaging. She put a belly band around it. 


Now here was an unexpected surprise! She

used a embroidery hoop as a base. Don't know if you can tell from 

the photo, but the dresser in the center is an actual 3d piece. 

there is a cat in the window. The details are just amazing! 

Cute little card. How sweet! 
New memorydex cards! These are so fun to make. Good job! 

the tin has a candle on the inside that smells so good! I

put it in my craft room, and left the lid off so I can enjoy it. 

and a fun little sewing tote bag. 

Okay I think I posted everything. I'm so lucky to have

found Kathleen on the Swappers Corner group. 

We have just been enjoying chatting online and swapping. 

Just like two peas in a pod! 

Big hugs Kathleen!!!!! Thanks bunches! Hope you enjoy the swap I sent. 

I'll post photos of the flipbag, and pocket letter I sent to her after

she has seen them. 

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prima Doll Altered Clip Board

Made an altered clipboard over the weekend. 

The base is covered with Tim Holtz tissue paper using

Modge Podge. 

The doll is called Priscilla. I used the dress from Audry to

make the dress long in the back. Added some black doilies. 

Poodle, and bistro set is an old set from Stampin'Up. 

I wanted the cork board piece to match everything else so

I painted it black. The tacks are stickers that I backed with

chipboard then hot glued to the tacks. 

Some prima flowers on the top and a ribbon for a hanger

finished off the piece. 

Me and Hubby went for a walk in the park yesterday afternoon. Then

we weeded the garden a bit more, and put up cages around the tomatoes. 

Since I didn't get my hair cut on Monday as planned I'll be going today. 

Also planning on making a pot of chili for dinner. There are enough frozen

tomatoes in the freezer to make one more batch. Thank goodness it went

down to 60 last night and will only be in the upper 70's today. 

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

4th of July Tag and Happy Birthday Wishes

I received this cute 4th of July tag from Nancy. 

Love that large flag, and glitter blue tag. Nice job Nancy!
She also surprised me with....
a doll stamp, and other goodies. It was really a happy mail day. 

I took it easy yesterday, but my neck is stilling hurting. This is 

really putting a cramp in my crafting! 

Sending a shout out to my gal pal Kathy. 

She is turning 50 today, and from what she

told me she was looking forward to it. That's the 

spirit Kat you are only as old as you feel. 

Hope you enjoy all your birthday goodies. 
Today is also the Summer Solstice. Enjoy the longest day of the year, and
I'll keep looking for the standing stones. 

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sewing Themed Pull and Twist Card

I finally got around to making one of these

open and twist cards. This one features a 

sewing theme. I stamped the

dressmaker stamp on the designer paper first, 

then built up different layers of ephemera.
Opening the card.

Fully open. I used different stamps, and Tim Hotlz distress

crayons to add some color. 

Here is a closer look at the front. 

We took a walk at the mall yesterday then went to Costco. 

I think I have to give up weeding and just let hubby do it. 

As the day went on my neck started hurting again. By the end of the night

it was full blown stiff, and I could barely move it. Spent the night in the 

recliner. I'm getting old! 

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Mailable Monday #198

My friend Ceil sent me a bunch of die cuts for my birthday. 

I was in a crunch for time to get a card made for today, so

I went to my box where I have nothing but die cuts. 

Makes it so fast and stress free to make a card in just 

a few minutes. 

After gluing down the flower die all I had to do was 

stamp a greeting. This is classic black and white. Thought

it would make a nice sympathy card. 

How do you spell weeds? I spell them a royal pain in the neck! 

The garden was getting over run. Hubby spent a good part of 

his Father's day cleaning them out. I took him to McDonald's for

lunch cause he loves McDonald's. (me not so much!)

We got a Sunday paper and relaxed in the air conditioning. Sarah

called while we were there. Her and Jason were having his parents over for 

dinner. This coming Saturday Sarah is taking her dad to a tank show. I didn't

even know they had tank shows, but they do. 

Emily made a nice card for John to give to his dad. I'll take a photo of that and post sometime

this week. I took a drive out to Khol's and did a little shopping. I had some Khol's cash, 

and a 30% off coupon both of which were going to expired on the 18th so I had to use them. 

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Birthday, and Father's Day to my Dad

Happy birthday to my dad who would have been 84 today. 
Photo taken in the 60's

Dad at 18

Taken in the early 50's. 

Mom and Dad

I know this was taken when we lived on 78th and St. Clair ave. I remember those curtains. 
I liked how dad had that natural little wave right in the front of his hair. 
Dad sitting in the breakfast nook in the house on Oak Park. 

Mom and dad. 

My dad being silly wearing Sarah's cowgirl hat. 

I wish I had a photo of him playing his harmonica. He was

really good at it. He could make the sound of a freight train, and you

would swear there was a train in the room. 

Sarah and Dad hanging out. 

My brother Tony with dad. 

Dad as a little boy. 

Happy birthday again dad, and Happy Father's day. Miss you.

Your daughter 

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